VMware Converter Enterprise Client

VMware Converter Enterprise Client 4.0

VMWARE converter allows you to convert your PC into a virtual machine
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VMware converter allows you to convert your PC into a virtual machine. Well, that line doesn't make a whole lot of sense now, does it? First of all you need to be aware of what a virtual machine does. It emulates a virtual environment in which you can run different operative systems on top of your base operative system. With this converter you can simply copy your base operative system (the operative system your computer boots to) and convert it into a VMware virtual machine, which you can, later on, use with any of the VMware virtualization tools. The started edition of the converter is a free application and is restricted in terms of features. For example, the starter edition is perfectly able to convert your physical operative system to a virtual machine will it is running and to convert remote operative systems over a network. It counts with no technical support, unless you contract it on a per-need basis. So VMware is pretty much all you need if you only want to convert a few OSs into virtual machines. However, this version of the program, the Enterprise one, allows you convert multiple physical operative systems at once, it has support included, and lets you boot from a boot CD to convert an OS. This application is free for already licensed users of VirtualCenter Management Server and P2V Assistant.

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  • It allows you to convert several physical operative systems into virtual machines
  • It supports booting from a CD
  • Technical support


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